Thursday, 22 May 2014

Summer Songs '14 | Sparkly Ghosts

Today I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite summery songs that are keeping me going through my revision! I finally figured out how to add spotify playlists to blog posts, so here it is, Summer songs 2014...

Yes, some of them are rubbish and they're in no particular order, just a bunch of easy to listen to songs. I hope you enjoyed giving these a listen. Let me know what you're listening to at the moment and please leave any song suggestions in the comments. Thanks for reading, Byee <3

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Grass Green Nails | Sparkly Ghosts

If you've seen my recent purchases post then you will have seen this beautiful nail polish fro Sinful colors. Its called pistache and its a mid green color with a neutral undertone. It has a creme finish with no shimmer or sparkle, which is what I personally prefer. Like the other sinful colors polishes I own this one requires 3 coats, and it needs a base coat or it'll stain your nails green. I really love this shade , it just feels really spring-y and fresh. It also reminds me of a slightly toned down Essie mojito madness, which I've wanted to try for ages. And whats more these polishes are only £1.99! Bargain price and a lovely color too. Id really recommend these polishes to you guys and I hope you enjoyed this little post. Thanks for reading, byee <3

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Recent Purchases | Sparkly Ghosts

I'm not sure if anyone else does this but when I stressed I tend to shop, a lot. So here are my recent purchases, hope you enjoy seeing what I've splashed out on (but not really) ...

First up is the Barry m gelly hi shine nail polish in Huckleberry. This is one of the new Barry m spring shades, and I just love it! Its a really pretty pastel blue. Its just perfect for spring and summer, and I sure Ill get plenty of wear out of it.

Net is the collection work the shadow eye shadow pencil in vanilla sky. I already own the pale pink one of these called vintage blush and its just lovely. So I decided to try out this creamy white shade as it looks like it would make a pretty brow bone and inner corner highlight.

The final thing I got in my boots 3 for 2 deal was the 17 skin wow 3 way highlighter. I've been super into dewy skin recently and Kate from Ghost parties always raves about it so I wanted to try it out. So far I've only used it as a highlight not a prier but it works wonderfully.

I also randomly bought the Sinful colors nail polish in Pistache the other day while out shopping with y friends. I wasn't feeling spendy but still treated myself to this cute grass green color, which I was wearing yesterday. Be warned you'll need a base coat, I didn't put one on and now my nails have a green tint!

So those were my boots purchases, now onto Superdrug. Bourjois are one of my favorite drugstore brands and they were on buy one get one half price, so naturally I had to buy a few things. The first thing I got was a primer, specifically the happy light luminous serum primer. I told you I've been into dewy lately, and my skin has been pretty dry so I need a primer to smooth over every thing.

And the last purchase was a product that's been quite hyped up recently, the bourjois 123 perfect CC cream. This has been on so any of my favorite blogs and I really wanted to try it. Its a nice natural base, that looks like skin and feels really light.

Those are all my buys, I really hope you enjoyed seeing them and be sure to let me know what you guys have been buying. Thanks for reading, byee <3

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Little Life Update | Sparkly Ghosts

Long time no post, sorry! Typical bad blogger but I promise I have been super busy. I have my first exam on Monday and I am hella stressed right now. Today I thought I would try and get bac k into blogging with a little life lately type post, hope you enjoy it! So lately I have been..

Watching - Recently I've been really into documentary films. My favorites have been Exit through the gift shop, which is about the rise of street art and its honestly so interesting. I also really liked Imposter which is about the French conman who pretended to be a missing teenager from Texas.

Reading - So many revision guides! Aha if anyone's interested I like the CPG ones best. But I'm currently feeling this is the way it'll end...

Eating - Loads of snacks, I really like salty pop corn and apples for a slightly healthier option, but when I'm not favouring the fruit I love twiglets and fizzy fangs.

Thats about it for today! I really hope you enjoyed reading this and I promise to post more regularly, I hate being this unorganised. Please let me know if you have movie or book recommendations because I always want to try something new. Thanks for reading, byee <3

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Perfect Pumps | Sparkly Ghosts

I have found my new favorite shoes. For prom I have a rather sparkly dress so some plainer shoes were necessary, but just because they're plain doesn't mean they cant be beautiful. I got these ones from the Jones the boot maker sale after seeing them on ASOS. They were originally £110 (gasp) and were reduced to £50 yayy! The shoes in question are Ted Baker neevos in black. The heel is a little thinner than I'm used to so I obviously need to practice walking in them (read prancing around my room), but I sure Ill get the hang of it. The main thing I love about these shoes are the little details, like on the bottom is says 'Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life' its so cute and such a nice touch. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post! Byee <3

Monday, 14 April 2014

Perks of being a tall girl | Sparkly Ghosts

Yeah, that's me on the left with my rather little friend Olivia

Recently a fellow tall girl from my school posted a company article on Facebook, called 8 problems of tall girls or something like that. I definitely related to it being 5 ft 10 myself, but it left me with a rather sour taste in my mouth. Surely there are some advantages to being taller than the masses?! So I got my brain in gear and had a little think about all the perks of being a tall girl! And here its is, in my favorite way, a list...
  • Standing out
  • Being able to see at concerts, the movies etc.
  • Getting seen as mature from a young age
  • Having a special bond with the other giants
  • Being able to eat ore without getting fat!
  • Getting lots of attention (could be good or bad)
  • Long legs
  • Being able to find people in a crowd
  • People describe you as statuesque or amazonian
  • Not having to go on your tip toes to kiss someone
  • Being able to give amazing hugs
  • Not needing help to reach things on the top shelf
  • Longer strides
  • Tall people seem to be more respected?
  • Its an aspirational quality
  • Being tall makes me feel more sophisticated
  • You don't have to wear heels but you look damn fine if you do
So those are all the perks I could think of to being tall! If you have any more please let me know, and any other tall ladies out there *virtual high five*. I'm not trying to be mean to shorter ladies, I just didn't like all the negative attitudes people had towards being tall. Hope you enjoyed reading this, Byee <3

Friday, 11 April 2014

My Favorite High Ponytail | Sparkly Ghosts

Please excuse the photos I was feeling really posy that day ;) 

Like most girls I love a good high pony. It gets your hair out of your face and in my opinion it looks pretty cute. Today I thought I would share with you guys how I achieve my favorite high ponytail, in probably too much detail ...

1. I normally start with 3rd or 4th day straight hair (my hair an go quite a while without being washed).

2. Start by getting rid of any greasiness I use the vo5 Refresh me quick dry shampoo. I prefer this to batiste as it leaves a less white powdery finish and it sells pretty good too!

3. Then I add a little more texture with the L'Oreal studio matte and messy salt spray. Aka, the cheapest salt spray I could find. It adds a good amount of texture which I like in my pony tails.

4. After that I flip my head over and grab all the hair into a pony tail, I put my a little bit behind the crown of my head.

5. I do the little thing of pulling the ponytail to add volume.

6. Finally I pull out the little front pieces to make it more casual, and now you're done!

I mentioned briefly that my hair can go about a week without being washed so would you guys like to see how I style it throughout the week? Just a little idea, but please let me know! Thanks for reading and I hope it was helpful, Byee <3