Saturday, 19 April 2014

Perfect Pumps | Sparkly Ghosts

I have found my new favorite shoes. For prom I have a rather sparkly dress so some plainer shoes were necessary, but just because they're plain doesn't mean they cant be beautiful. I got these ones from the Jones the boot maker sale after seeing them on ASOS. They were originally £110 (gasp) and were reduced to £50 yayy! The shoes in question are Ted Baker neevos in black. The heel is a little thinner than I'm used to so I obviously need to practice walking in them (read prancing around my room), but I sure Ill get the hang of it. The main thing I love about these shoes are the little details, like on the bottom is says 'Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life' its so cute and such a nice touch. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post! Byee <3

Monday, 14 April 2014

Perks of being a tall girl | Sparkly Ghosts

Yeah, that's me on the left with my rather little friend Olivia

Recently a fellow tall girl from my school posted a company article on Facebook, called 8 problems of tall girls or something like that. I definitely related to it being 5 ft 10 myself, but it left me with a rather sour taste in my mouth. Surely there are some advantages to being taller than the masses?! So I got my brain in gear and had a little think about all the perks of being a tall girl! And here its is, in my favorite way, a list...
  • Standing out
  • Being able to see at concerts, the movies etc.
  • Getting seen as mature from a young age
  • Having a special bond with the other giants
  • Being able to eat ore without getting fat!
  • Getting lots of attention (could be good or bad)
  • Long legs
  • Being able to find people in a crowd
  • People describe you as statuesque or amazonian
  • Not having to go on your tip toes to kiss someone
  • Being able to give amazing hugs
  • Not needing help to reach things on the top shelf
  • Longer strides
  • Tall people seem to be more respected?
  • Its an aspirational quality
  • Being tall makes me feel more sophisticated
  • You don't have to wear heels but you look damn fine if you do
So those are all the perks I could think of to being tall! If you have any more please let me know, and any other tall ladies out there *virtual high five*. I'm not trying to be mean to shorter ladies, I just didn't like all the negative attitudes people had towards being tall. Hope you enjoyed reading this, Byee <3

Friday, 11 April 2014

My Favorite High Ponytail | Sparkly Ghosts

Please excuse the photos I was feeling really posy that day ;) 

Like most girls I love a good high pony. It gets your hair out of your face and in my opinion it looks pretty cute. Today I thought I would share with you guys how I achieve my favorite high ponytail, in probably too much detail ...

1. I normally start with 3rd or 4th day straight hair (my hair an go quite a while without being washed).

2. Start by getting rid of any greasiness I use the vo5 Refresh me quick dry shampoo. I prefer this to batiste as it leaves a less white powdery finish and it sells pretty good too!

3. Then I add a little more texture with the L'Oreal studio matte and messy salt spray. Aka, the cheapest salt spray I could find. It adds a good amount of texture which I like in my pony tails.

4. After that I flip my head over and grab all the hair into a pony tail, I put my a little bit behind the crown of my head.

5. I do the little thing of pulling the ponytail to add volume.

6. Finally I pull out the little front pieces to make it more casual, and now you're done!

I mentioned briefly that my hair can go about a week without being washed so would you guys like to see how I style it throughout the week? Just a little idea, but please let me know! Thanks for reading and I hope it was helpful, Byee <3

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in 130 Oxford Street Fuschia | Sparkly Ghosts

While Boots had their 3 for 2 offer on I took the opportunity to treat myself to a  couple new lip products, one of them being this lipstick. I hadn't heard of this shade before but I loved the color and I have heard a couple of people being raving about the shade in love with ginger, which was a little too bright and orange for me. So I decided to give this one a go and then report back to you guys...

As I mentioned the color is really pretty, a mid toned blue pink with no shimmer just a lovely shiny finish. I personally really dislike shimmery lipsticks so this type of finish is perfect for me. The packaging is simple and practical. It ain't beautiful but its functional and I like the combination of clear purple and shiny silver. I also prefer it to the old packaging. It also doesn't smell particularly great, it kind of has a old lady lipstick scent, but don't worry it doesn't last on the lips. This lipstick applies nice and evenly over any dry patches. It lasts roughly 3-4 hours on my lips which isn't too bad for a moisturizing lipstick. 

So overall I would recommend this lipstick, the color is really pretty and its one of my favorites from the high street. Id really like to try some other colors from this line, maybe when I'm feeling brave Ill go for in love with ginger. Hope you enjoyed reading this, byee <3

Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Reading List | Sparkly Ghosts

This year my new years resolutions were to drink more water and read more. For the second resolution I tried to keep it reasonable and set myself a target of 1 book a month, which so far has been going really well. In this post I wanted to share with you guys some books I have read recently and some I'm planning on reading soon...

Starting fro the bottom of the pile wee got Jane Austen's Emma. my mum has been nagging me to read this for quite some time, so I think I should probably get round to reading this classic novel.

Net up is Purple Hibiscus. This is one of the novels I studying for my GCSEs and seeing as they're fast approaching I need to reread it asap. That being said it is an amazing book, and I really enjoyed reading the first time round.

I am currently reading the catcher in the Rye, and so far its really good! I honestly need to read more old books as I'm always reluctant to start but once I have, I really love reading them.

So the other day I was googling must read books or something along those lines (as you do), and this particular novel, Gone Girl, was mentioned. I was intrigued by it and seeing as my dad had it on his bedside table I thought Id give it a go.

Now my name sake book For Esme with Love and Squalor. For those of you who don't know, I was named after this book and my parents thought they would be able to provide me with love and squalor, aha. Seeing as I'm yet to read it, I feel it is now necessary.

Lastly I have my kindle. I know not everyone likes them, but I personally love it. Its a really easy way to try new books and you an download the really quickly. A few of the books I have recently downloaded/ am eager to download are The Book Thief, Looking for Alaska and The Giver.

So that is my current reading list and it should see me straight through 2014. Let me know your recommendations, I'm always adding to this list! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it and bye for now <3

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Carefree Curls | Sparkly Ghosts

Carefree Curls. Lived in texture. Beachy waves. Whatever you want to all it, this is the type of hair that says 'I just rolled out of bed and my hair looks hot.' Surprisingly the hairstyles that look like you've put in no effort actually require effort. Here is how I achieve my messy lived in texturised curly hair (all the adjectives aha) ...

Step 1) This step happens the night before. After I've had a shower and my hair is 50-80% dry I twist it and pin it onto the top of my head. I cant find the tutorial I originally used, but you just grab 2 pieces of hair from the hair line and twist backwards. Continue to do this down your head, like a french braid. Then repeat on the other side.

Step 2) In the morning undo your pins and untwist your hair, but be gentle otherwise it can go all frizzy. Unless you like the frizzy look then go for it!

Step 3) Hooray! Now you have curly wavy hair, that's ready to be styled.

Step 4) Now its time to add some products. What ever you like to use to add texture into your hair. I personally like dry shampoo, volumizing powder and salt spray

Step 5) Fin. Your curly texturised hair is all done and ready to go.

I really like the results of this, and I hope you guys like it too! I wear this quite a lot for school, as it only takes 5 minutes in total. Thanks for reading, Byee <3

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Tool Free | Sparkly Ghosts

In the summer months I tend to travel more, and go on sleepovers and camp outs. Which means I have to pack light. And to be perfectly honest I don't want to be wrecking my makeup brushes. Recently I've been taking a tool free approach to my face, and I really like the results. Creamy textures and fingertips are the way forward gals...

Starting with foundation (like always) I take a pump or two of Bourjois Healthy mix foundation and warm it between my fingertips, then massage it into my skin. It leaves a much more glowy, dare I say it, well blended finish, than with a buffing brush. Now I usually blend concealer with the classic ring finger so that was nothing new. Then I ditched the powder, and was pleasantly surprised with the results at the end of the day.

Okay now onto the tricky part, brows. I normally go with the powder brush combo, but tool free I went with a natural look. I just ran through my brows with the maybelline brow drama in dark brown.

For the lids I used my ultimate favorite cream shadow, the maybelline color tattoo in on and on bronze. I used dabbed it on with a (clean) ring finger and blended with my index finger. Sorted. This stuff leaves the lids with a nice bronze wash of color.

Then I smudged some mac teddy eyeliner on my upper and lower lashline and blended it out, to add a little definition. After that I put on a tonne of the Barry m intense black mascara.

For color I used Bourjois cream blush in 01 healthy glow and tapped it into the apples of my cheeks, and blended upwards. Then I used Annas trick of using the side of my palm to apply contour and then use all my finger tips to make it look less harsh.

Finally for lips I used my maybelline color sensational lip gloss in glorious grapefruit and patted it a little with my middle finger. Simple.

If you like this sound of this, just remember to always keep a tissue or makeup wipe on hand because things an get a little messy and you don't want to be patting eye shadow into your contour! Aha thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it, Byee <3